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You accused me of racism after I talk about forbidde crap (real crap like violent criminals and deep drug users) people of have kids.
Strange... in other ocasion you said to be in favor of refuse employ for any reason someone (boss) wishes (color, gender, sexual orientation, aethetic look etc...).

Incentives, a lot, would be a good start.
For violent sociopaths, recidivist rapists, and extreme dependent drug users who already had children while using drugs, and refused incentives to surch methods of birt control (surgeri or device implanted) there would be compulsory.

On Brazil we had cases of a crack user woman, prostitute herself, refused treatment to drug dependance, and had already 6 kids, and they born with problems.
Guess what the left wing journalists said ? The accused the doctors of broke her rights ? What about the rights of the kids to a good and clean uterus, a family ?

About temporary..if the "crapness condition" could be reversed... But sociopaths don't change, serial rapist also don't change.
I agree that such politics can't be used to just forget about help people. Yes, a lot of crap people, despite be crap, needs help, cause not all crap people are necesserely evil or uncorrectable.

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