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Drug treatments are a sh...t, since medicine in this field (toxic dependance) it's a sh...t. They cannot reverse brain damage that leads to compulsion and addiction. In many cases even years after abstinence the brain chemical balances never recovery, and people in such cases strogles not just psychologically but neurologic, every day, to don't use drug.

Like I use to say, medicine, despite we are in 21 century, it's still a sh...t
So, such people should be periodically monitored, checked, if things are right, in case they require motherhood/prenthood.

One problem, a huge one, is that such culture it's saw as heroes, like hippies fighting government. Hippies left a legacy of sh...t. Today people are greed, no peace, no love, only drugs and promiscuous behavior, only the bad side of hippie culture.

It's easier to help people in huggry than people in crap. By the way, in USA noone are huggry. The goverment pay some money to people have a small compact shelter and food. And a lot of people use the shelter and money to buy drugs or sell drugs.

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