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Blame the 80's too. Their idolatry for the stupid guy and the bit...h girl.

Maybe your cousin was addicted not just to drugs. If he spent money so fast maybe he had bipolar too, or something similar to gambling. Perhaps he had a addiction to be praised, and people spendin money are praised by "friends" (trying to get a piece of the pie) and by girls (stripers/prostitutes or common girls who date rich guys).

I saw people performing dumpster diving. On USA garbage it's not really garbage. Things still good for eat, stil in sealled packages.
if you want true garbage on USA you need to turn TV ON.

Are you against women who search sperm banks for independent motherhood ?

Is pizza expensive in USA???
Burguers are cheap on USA.. also fried chicken...

Is 3000 dollars for month a low income for USA standart ??? Not enough for eat pizza ?

Some single mothers just got money from rich guys, after get pregnant. Some even planned it.

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