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SOLD: 2004 Civic hybrid MT, $500

EDIT: Car is SOLD.

I've got a gray Civic hybrid with a manual transmission for sale.

Here's what's right with it:
-The interior is in pretty good shape
-The engine runs well and pulls smoothly
-IMAC&C and OBDIIC&C included with the car
-Transmission shifts nicely and no grumbling
-No shimmies/shakes at speed
-Grid charger harness installed with Peter Perkins fan speed control board

Here's what's wrong with it:
-Failing IMA battery. ~5 year old Bumblebee unit doesn't gain much after a grid charge. Consecutive charges/drive cycles will probably get you through emissions inspection if you use IMAC&C to zero out charge/discharge
-Burns some oil (1qt every other fill up?). It's a Honda L13...
-Body looked pretty good until my neighbor backed squarely into the driver's side door. Still opens and closes fine, looks...
-Rust bubbles above both rear wheel wells
-Wheels have curb rash from PO.

~150k miles

Driving it as is, it's a manual transmission Civic with a smaller than the smallest engine civics came with in the US. It will lean burn (OBDIIC&C has a nice green LED to indicate). It has the equivalent of an alternator delete at idle. Over 1500 RPMS and the IMA system will charge the 12v even with a dead HV battery.

Still an excellent eco-car with a body you wouldn't feel too bad about aeromodding. Or put a new HV battery in it and it will get 50 mpg pretty easily (doesn't matter so much on the highway). Transmission has a nice tall final drive that can swap with several other Hondas, apparently.


EDIT: photo album here with more pictures:

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