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Well, this conversation is moving right along.

Allow me to referee. redpoint5 said:
No, it's not easy to define at all. You'd get racists saying "clearly black people are worse"...
All Darc said:
Tell me where I said black people are crap ?
Point in my text, please.
Then readpint5 asys:
I didn't say you said black people are crap. Please point out where I said that. Probably just a misunderstanding.
Then neither of you do. I award no points either way.

Originally Posted by All Darc
If someone have no capability of be a decent mother or decent father, they should have no kids, since kids also have rights.
This is wrong. They are chattel. They have no [civil] rights until majority. This can be unfair to the children suffering under suboptimal parenting, but it's the law.

I'm surprised with people against sterilization of crap people (who already did sh...t) but are in favor of such people make a abortion how many times they wish, even after 12 weeks (when fetus feel pain).
None of my business, I was kicked out of the gene pool in the eighties; but IMHO the line is drawn at 42 days. When the brain is flooded with DMT.

Change my, you know, the thing.

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