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Why bloombox failed?
It sounded promissing...

But some engines are as effective, and bloombox did not got out to usual consumers, but kept just for services in large companies.

If it was affordable, it could be used in electric car, using ethanol from sugar caine (if was workable with it) and reduce emissions (in final balance) since farming for sugar cane take CO2 from atmosphere.

Unfortunately bloombox it's expensive, not for ordinary public, and don't work with ethanol. And the relation of size and Kw don't fit to car's needs and dimentions.

I found this anout Bloombox :

"And this is where K.R. Sridhar’s been amazingly forthcoming with data. Due to thermodynamic considerations, high-temperature fuel cells can be more efficient than low-temperature ones, but Bloom Boxes don’t just waste that heat–it’s captured and re-cycled into the system. And the company’s successfully engineered its metal and ceramic components so they expand at the same rate under heating, meaning the fragile ceramic plates don’t fracture under the stress.

As for the by-products, the CO2 isn’t actually a significant problem, since it compares extremely favorably with the CO2 load of power-station provided juice. And the extremely pure H2O that pours out of the system could have one more surprising use–if it’s captured, and connected up to an electrolysis unit powered by a separate solar unit (or even from spare energy put out by the Bloom Box under conditions of low demand) you can generate pure oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen can then be stored and “recycled” as a portable fuel source for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (or even pocket gadgets)…effectively reducing the fuel burden of a househol and car to a single fuel source, for the Bloom Box. A more complex system could actually capture the CO2 and hydrogen and recombining them into a methane-like fuel."

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