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Lightbulb Dreaming...lean burn manual taller transmission Civic sedan...or get an Insight

During the final days of driving Silver Aero I got into the 50s mpg with hypermiling. Automatic, no lean burn.

What if I were to sell my car, buy a manual 7th gen sedan, and have an HX engine & tranny swapped in?

My car with all the maintenance done to it could probably sell for close to $4000. There's a rusty HX with good engine and manual tranny for $600. Found a clean '03 manual civic sedan with bad engine for $900 obo. That would leave me close to $2500 to pay for the swap and any additional changeover & maintenance, plus whatever from if I could sell or scrap extra parts.

Would all the lean burn and necessary fixings swap over into a manual 7th gen sedan body? Or would it be better to just put $$ into the HX only? I prefer the 7th gen sedan over 6th gen coupe but whatever works. The HX has 317k miles

Not something I could do anytime soon; it wouldn't be until next year May at the earliest, but would something like this work? With manual, lean burn, and kill switch I'm sure 80+ mpg is possible with maximum hypermiling, and 60 mpg with regular driving.

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