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All the coupes in the area are rusty, and insurance is less for a sedan.

I've also read that HX motors are troublesome to maintain and lean burn is picky to engage; what if I were to get a CRX HF manual trans with the 2.95 final drive and swap it into a manual 7th gen sedan? Would it fit? And do taller transmissions hurt city FE? If so, would RE92 insight tires help?

EDIT: Looks like the CRX HF transmission is cable instead of hydraulic; what about a CX or VX transmission? Would it fit in a 7th gen civic body? Found some manual 7th gen civic sedans with bad trannys for $850-$1000. Or some shells (need both engine & tranny) for $250-$300.

What would be the best engine + transmission option that works for fuel economy in both city & highway driving that fits in a 7th gen sedan body style? Or 6th gen (possible consideration)?
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