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I'm stuck here on two options. Both are priced based on stuff I found tonight, but similar options are found everyday:

- 2000 Civic sedan Manual shell $300
- HX engine $400
- CX/VX transmission $300
- ECU tune $500
- RE92 165/65R14 tires $377
- Tire balance $80

Total: $1957
Labor: $2500
Cost: $4457
Sale: $4000
Final standing: -$457


- 2001 Civic sedan manual bad trans - $900
- CX/VX trans $300
- Tire rebalance $80

Total: $1280
Labor: $1500
Total $2780
Final standing: +$1220

Obviously the first option is more fuel efficient due to having lean burn, but is significantly more expensive. Per ecomodder research a CX/VX transmission makes it difficult to engage lean burn at lower speeds, which is why I'd downsize the tires. That or tune the ECU for better lean burn + possibly bypass o2 sensor & cat.

Other option would leave me over a thousand in pocket, same car but manual for better efficiency plus kill switch capability, and taller transmission, which if I'm getting 60 city 56 highway hypermiling the crap out of my auto, should get me to 70+ city and mid 60s highway.

What do y'all think? Advice? Due date to have this all figured out by is May lol.

Edit: or what about a Honda civic hybrid and then bypass the battery when it does? Does it still have lean burn without the battery? If so does that make it comparable to an HD in terms of fuel economy? If so that would be much cheaper.
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