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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Not for an HCH, but it's essentially the same as the Insight. I marked each step in the wiring a different color. Green is motor to rectifier, blue is rectifier to PSU, red is PSU to the front of the car to the 12v battery.

There's basically just a long 8 gauge wire from the 12v battery to the back of the car already, makes this all very easy.
Is it really just that simple?

Does the HCH/Insight have an alternator that needs to be disconnected/deleted? This then solves the issue of needing to be between 1500 & 3800 RPMs for charging the battery?

I say "simple" although I've never really done any wiring stuff on cars before; however I enjoy learning new stuff and a few youtube tutorials should get me going along with your diagram once I get an HCH...or an Insight...I'm still debating...

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Probably around 33%. I'd say 70mpg is a realistic but non-trivial goal in an HCH1, while 90mpg is a realistic but non-trivial goal in an Insight (for a full tank). You can reach either with a completely stock car and consistently careful driving.

Of course, points in the HCH1's favor are that MPG is not a very good metric. 70mpg is 3.3L/100km, while 90mpg is 2.6L/100km. In an absolute sense, it's the same amount of fuel saved as going from 25mpg (9.4L/100km) to 27mpg (8.7L/100km), because both cars already use so little.
Wowsers. I'd say 50-55 MPG would be a "realistic but non-trivial" goal for my car, although by extreme hypermiling I can get 60-70. That'd be a 33% in and of itself over my current car with the HCH and 75% better with the Insight. Would that be with/without battery and ecomods?

Me want...but what about impracticality!

If I can find a good Insight next spring and I don't see a super tempting HCH...I just might go with the Insight.
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