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Town of Weston Harrasses Residents Flys drones to photograph long grass to fine.

The town of Weston is harassing my 71 year old mother who has cancer and is crippled up with pain, over my deceased fathers cars.

See if I can get some local folks pissed again to lean on them.

They all have plates, inflated tires and are on gravel.
Some are weekend cars but nothing that would be easily sold in this area.

As usual it started when they saw me at her home doing some yard work for her I did not realize it was a board member at my neighbors party and she started pretending to be interested in one of my fathers micro cars then started ridiculing me that I need to sell it, even though the titles not in my name and such a car can only be sold far south as there is zero interest here in truck land.

I was too dumbfounded to make it clear I don’t live here and I don’t own the cars as I didn’t realize this was an a hole from the town.

My mother then got a letter the next day stating Bruce May... (who is deceased) that said red car didn’t have plates(which is false), was parked on grass (it’s not) stated she had weeds in the gravel (who cares), weeds in her blacktop, and per aerial photos she had weeds growing and she has 7 days to get rid of the cars and only park on blacktop and only keep all cars in the garage (of which she has no room and has never kept cars in there)

In the past when my father was alive they were harassing my folks and stated they would remove, crush and fine
my father said that’s fine but your gonna get a broken nose and knocked on your ass. He was then told he would go to jail and he said the $50 fine and 30 days would be worth it.

After that they got a few years free of harassment .

Just curious they have always parked outside in the gravel, the cars have plates and drones documenting weeds on the side of the garage seems like it should be illegal. The state of the property has been the same since the early 70’s before there were any laws on any of these matters.

I likely will be unable to sell the cars in under 7 days working 60 hours a week in a different area for more than $50, local junkyard says they will take them but can’t pay anything.

My past experience selling cars
When I tried to sell my 2010 Cobalt and 2001 Dodge crew on Craigslist, I started at blue book and over the months worked my way down and finally stopped at $500 with no takers, out of curiosity I asked the junkyard and they offered $500 each.

I ended up keeping them because of this,
my mom apparently doesn’t have this option which seems pathetic

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