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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The town is harassing her, or the HOA? Is there really a whole town that is run like an HOA? Airspace is open to anyone, though I wouldn't be surprised if the laws change in the near future. The strange thing is the law also says you own the airspace above your property to infinity.

I'd leave any bleep-hole place that doesn't let you live free on your own property.

You might get some sympathy if you just tell the people to take it up with Bruce, and then wait for them to realize he is dead.

I've had perfect luck selling cars on Craigslist. Might be difficult in 7 days, but if the price is right someone will take it.
Nope not a HOA

I donít live there because of it, Weston sucks, bunch of dbags incorporated a portion of the town into a village which happened to include my folks house which used to be somewhat rural
They proceeded to make a bunch of unelected $100,000+ a year beautification jobs whose job is to inspect properties and as far as I can tell they just harass people for a living.

One guy down the road that kept doing car repairs in his driveway sold his house because of the harassing.

I tried selling the car in question once while my father was alive and I got 2 replies offering $50, the body alone down south would sell for a couple grand.
I tried listing it on the club and I just got the your too far away response.

Ah well, I donít want to spend $100+ a month on storage either (if I can even find one open)

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