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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
It's a 3.3 kW charger.

It's not hard for me to beat the official EV range (40 km = 25 miles).

  • 40 km = "EV distance to empty" displayed after top-up charge, as of first thing this AM
  • 23 km = distance I've driven so far today
  • 25 km = "EV distance to empty" currently shown
Hmm... 23 + 25 > 40!

That's all sub/urban driving in my sleepy little city. Eco-driving, not hardcore hypermiling. Main eco technique: looking well ahead and coasting to as many stops/turns as possible (when not holding up following traffic). Conditions: warm weather (24C / 75F); windows open (no AC); "ECO" drive mode selected.

So it looks like 50-60 km = 30-37 miles of EV range is within reach in this driving environment.

Confused me there. I have read the Volt's engine sometimes drives the wheels at certain (higher) speeds, but only when the battery has already been drained and the ICE/generator is running. In EV mode (unlike the Prius), it's 100% electric, all the time. Am I wrong there?
It probably only applies to the first gen volt.
The gasoline engine ran above 70 mph.

As far as acceleration goes my leaf can light up the ecopia tires a little. I doubt it will be able to get much more than a squeek out of the yoko avid ascend tires.
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