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How are progressions with Turbo mirages going?
I always liked the car, and the price; I'm a sucker for cheap!
But the performance is just too low.
When it got introduced, I wouldn't even buy it for the city!

If ever, there would be a turbo version sold, or turbo upgrade kits available, and some tuning on final gear drive (lowering highway RPM by at least 25%, to 33%), I would consider one!

With a turbo at 14PSI and 115HP, it should be able to reach a modest 110-115MPH tops, but it should cut it's 0-60 somewhat from 12.8 to about 9 seconds; and about 6 seconds if the boost is bumped to 21PSI (~140HP).

As far as Fiesta, I have the Fiesta ST, and it has torque vectoring.
On a slalom, or just anywhere, it's virtually impossible to make it spin. The Fiesta WILL drive where the hood points, regardless of how fast you're making a turn.
Even in sports mode; though it is possible to spin it around in Track mode.

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