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Thought of water injection?

It would work well on this low compression engine.
You could also try to change to a thinner head gasket, in an effort to increase compression.

I wonder if there are many options for increasing compression ratio via the spark plug.
Like, if you could add mass to the spark plug, by welding metal to it, you're essentially increasing the compression ratio.

Hot air intake.

Check to see if there are aftermarket final gear ratio gears for sale (I doubt it).

Since the Miata is a rear wheel drive, you could see if you could take out the wheel well liner, and just coat it with some sort of protective paint; or even plastidip would work well. It would give you 1/2" to 1" extra to work with, to increase rear tire diameter.
I would also increase front tire diameter by a little, just not to create too much down force.

Another thing you can do, is decrease the width of the tires.
Get thinner, larger diameter rims. At least 1" larger in diameter, 2" preferred, and you should be able to cut 1" off the width (or more). Less wider tires mean less friction and road drag.
Thin profile tires usually are cheaper, and more fuel efficient as well. So you'll definitely need the larger rims.
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