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Didn't read the whole thread, but why in the world would you get rid of the safety belt, and replace it with a lap belt?
You're saving perhaps 2-3LBS on material, and make yourself lots unsafer.
Also, the spare tires aren't meant to be driven on.
Any accident with them, and your insurance can refuse to pay you.
They're rated for 80MPH top speed, and usually aren't made of long lasting rubber.
Perhaps good enough for 10-15k miles at best.
They're pretty lousy with punctures.
They run hot, and brake very bad!
It's totally not recommended driving on them!

I'd strongly recommend to find rims and narrow tires that fit on them, with a diameter of the wheel well.
Get rid of the wheel well liner, and spray paint with plastidip. That way you can maximize tire diameter. That's going to give you much better MPG than running on spares!
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