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I went through my textbooks and gleaned a few tidbits:
*electromagnetics is spoken in 3-different languages:
_CGS units
_English units
_MKS units
*CGS uses the 'weber' (after Wilhelm E. Weber)
*1 weber/meter-squared= one tesla (t)
*English uses the gauss (G) (after Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss,1777-1855 )
*one gauss= 6.452 lines (magnetic flux)/inch-squared)
*10,000 gauss= one tesla(T)
*MKS uses the tesla (T)(after Nikola Tesla 1857-1943)
*one tesla(T)= one weber/meter-squared
*one tesla(T)= 10,000 gauss
*the 'nanotesla' is used in Earth lithosphere seismology as a unit of measure with magnetometers,associated with seismomagnetic offsets @ epicentral distances,and piezomagnetic effects,and tectonomagnetic effects
*The magnetic field strength between the Sun and Earth is inversely proportional to the square of the distance in between them,or,follows an inverse-square relationship.
*Since Earth follows an elliptical orbit around the Sun,the magnetic field strength varies as the orbital distance varies
*Since Earth's orbital ellipticity also varies with one of the three Milankovitch cycles,the magnetic field strength is also coupled to this cycle.
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