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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
For me, to be allowed to marry the couple should get psychiatric evaluation to detect dangerous disturbs, and inform the persons about the serious problems the other can have. This would save the life of many women and some man.

For other side, psychiatry it's still quite a sh...t in many pointd, even in 21 century. But something should be done to detect sociopaths and other dangerous people.
And so,the guy doesn't necessarily abuse his wife,but he massacres his Coca Cola bottling plant employees or banana pickers on his corporate plantation.
Or a government throws a nice little war somewhere so his clients can demonstrate the killing potential of their exotic weapons systems, so as to secure purchasing agreements in the international arms bazzar.
In 'developed' nations,where violence goes up the highest levels of government,industry,and religion,what's the surprise when folks slap one another around? Or worse? It's our culture.

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