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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
But teens, despite most have no shame feeling to make sex or use drug or get drunk, can have shame feeling about to the doctor or gynecologist.

Next day pill should be selled easier. The pill to take in the following days after relation, in case of suspect there was risk of pregnancy. Not sure if I correct translated the name of the pill.
The good way to avoid abortion of fetus with brains: The period didn't came and she had relation without safe precaution? Take the pill.
A person,close to me,recommended mandatory vasectomies for all 12-year-old males.
When legally married,and with proof that the couple had a high degree of confidence that they could successfully raise a child to adulthood;at that time,a free, micro-surgical procedure would be performed to reverse the vasectomy,allowing for a family.
The need for abortion would essentially be eliminated,as there would be no unwanted pregnancy.
Convicted rapists would be handed over to Lorena Bobbitt.
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