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home electricity

Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
At least they found a solution for barbecue, even at night, instead of coal or gas :

Solar Stove Uses Salt to Stay Hot after Dark - BORGEN

But area for capturing the sun (looks the circle fresnel on the top), could be larger, to get more storage and more hour of use alfter sun goes out.

Would a similar idea works for home storage of electricity, being cheaper than bateries ?
Sure it would require a small turvine, to use the heat of sault to produce steam.
*The eutectic salt would not give back all that it had stored.
*Any heat loss of the stored energy would be an issue.
*There would be heat loss at the boiler heat exchanger.
*There would be losses across the turbo-generator.
*There would be losses at the cooling tower heat exchanger.
*There would be inefficiencies associated with the cooling tower fan
*Losses at any working fluid pumps.
I don't think you could beat the efficiency of existing battery technology.
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