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why fixed angle

Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Why many fixed solar tracks, the ones not on the roof (since many instalations are on plane roofs), have fixed angle at 45 degree or close, instead of zero (direct to sky) if the sun in midday shines stronger ?

By the way, they should create solar panels with some sealed apability, to fill and avoid water leaking, in a way to get part of the roof, saving money.

In this example (image above), I bet they sealed with silicone glue, silicone liquid rubber.

Solar panels abrasion??? Maybeby replace the glass solve it, or also some of the metals in the sides, and the glass (have some cost) could be recycled, or just polished to remove abrasion. I understand abrasions remove some of the transparency of the glass.
It's probably an economic consideration.
The cost of the energy lost due to the inefficiency of the seasonal angle of incidence of the solar insolation,versus a tracking system may not be deemed enough to justify the expense of the tracker.
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