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Originally Posted by aardvarcus View Post
Thanks, the reason I stopped it higher was to not block the tail lights. I want to swap out the bumper to a custom design, preferably integrating with a diffuser from the belly pan.

Yes, the plan was to directly attach the kamm-back in two pieces to the barn doors, probably with a few fasteners and high strength tape. Because the hinge is at the outside door face, near the top it can be out near the side edges but not bind upon opening. I figure this is the simplest way to build it, as any other method I have thought of will require separate hinges/lifting to allow the doors to open.

Well, that doesn’t sound promising then, at least not until I can do the full chop-top. I was hoping the MPG would be achievable at a more achievable figure, as I figure I am at 0.45 right now. I may should have mentioned I am expecting some of the increase to get to 30 to come from gearing changes (discussed in my build thread) not solely from aerodynamic mods. I need to get basically 30% better MPG than right now to break 30 MPG.
According to Gino Sovran (he's kinda the God of GM's research arm),you'd do all your aero and tires and whatever else,then fit the gearing to maintain the same BSFC for your engine.If not,you could lose a significant portion of your mpg potential.If you have Hucho's book he goes into this.
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