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California prices

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If solar power "is so much cheaper than coal and natural gas" then why do places like California who use a lot of solar pay 3 times more for power then what I do?

Where I live we got a lot of wind, coal and natural gas.
The only cheaper power that I am aware of is in hydro power heavy areas.

Because if it was cheaper, it would be cheaper.
Perhaps the numbers are in the official public record and available if one is willing to put in the time. I was in Sacramento August 22,and gasoline alone was selling for $4/gallon,while I could buy it for $2.35 back home.
The California Public Utilities Commission might have records which would explain what's going on out there.
In 1973 the state made us all curtail around 15% of our electrical consumption,only to turn around and raise prices 15% to 'reward' us for our good behavior.!Estiercol de caballo !
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