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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
I'm more used to CNG-converted cars, which retain their original fuel tank, and it's often recommended to start on gasoline and leave it reach its operating temperature before switching fuels even though CNG could be supposed to lead to an easier cold start because it's already injected in vapour phase. A few cars fitted with a CNG system from the factory (or from a certified installer through dealer order) such as a local version of the Opel Astra B released in 2006 were set to start on CNG.
I've never seen my CNG VW up start on gasoline due to cold weather - it's supposed to do so below either -5 or -10C , but it never did.

Starts and runs smoothly, well, for a 3 cylinder engine, even when starting from cold in cold weather.

Only time it ever started on gasoline - aside from right after filling up- has been when it had stood at an airport car park for 3 weeks, quit instantly on CNG, restarted roughly on gasoline , yet it was 25C !
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