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Yaris What????
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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
yes, it must be a 95 because the headlights don't match up with the 96.

Wiki 95
Wiki '96
'95 NON-sho stats:
Production 	1992–1995
Assembly 	Hapeville, Georgia
                Chicago, Illinois

Body style(s) 	4-door sedan
                5-door station wagon

Layout 	          FF layout
Platform 	  Ford D186 platform

Engine(s) 	 3.0 L SFI Vulcan V6
                 3.8 L Essex V6
                 3.0 L SHO V6
                 3.2 L SHO V6

Transmission(s) 4-speed AXOD-E automatic
                4-speed AX4N automatic
                4-speed AX4S automatic
                5-speed MTX-IV manual

Wheelbase       106.0 in (2692.4 mm)
Length 	Sedan:  192.0 in (4876.8 mm)
Station wagon:  193.1 in (4904.7 mm)

Width 	        71.2 in (1808.5 mm)
Height 	Sedan:  54.1 in (1374.1 mm)–55.4 in (1407.2 mm)
Station wagon:  55.5 in (1409.7 mm)

Curb weight 	3118 lb (1414 kg)–3472 lb (1575 kg)
Related 	Mercury Sable
                Lincoln Continental
                Ford Windstar
yes, mine is a sedan. i think it's the auto OD transmission (IF od stands for overdrive - but they all have 4th gear so scratch that)
The information you got from wiki is inaccurate at best for that gen of Taurus. The five speed mtx was not available except on the first gen model wagon and most of the SHO sedans(through out the first three generations). The ax4s is an unlikely transmission to have in those years as well because Ford was just beginning to put them in the Taurus. And the ax4n and axod-e are crap unless rebuilt with non aluminum parts..... yeah live and learn with that one. But i still love these cars.
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It just came to me about blogging lol. Its like an orgasm a few good shots and the rest is dribbles lol!
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