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Yeah, it's just a little dead.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Isn't a little deceased like a little pregnant?
I try to watch both sides, right and left. I also saw Fox News, and even Louren Southern. Honestly I don't find reasoable people in any side of famous vloggers, but I feel both are just paid to push one political ideology.

Believe me, I hate cretin bull sh...t in both sides (right & left), and I was hated by both in a incedent I can tell you later, and this incident it's the living proof of how people in my country are retard, cretins and hypocrites.

Many people on left are in the deep the same sh...t as the people they complain, or worse. This topic it's about clime and gobal warming, so I don't know if people will want to listen me about such personal story. It all started with a piece of paper, a note with phone number.

JBP... despite he talks many trues that most psychologist are too cowards to say today, I don't agree with hin in other things, his bias. I like people who deep explore both sides in search of true. But such people nearly don't exist today.

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I understand that at your distance you see Hollywood and the mainstream media pushed at you, so must it look that way. The other point of view is that normie's are back in charge, and people love it.

Since the Internet trolls are bashing JBP, try someone like Styxhexenhammer (276,917 subscribers 907 videos)

Or Tim Pool (56,252 subscribers 174 videos)

His latest post (The Far Left has finally come for Wil Wheaton) got 75,000 views in one day. When you compare, mainstream voices like NYT get more subscribers but fewer views on many stories. There exists an Intellectual Dark Web.

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