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Wind generator that resists a storm.... impressive. It it's made to capture wind and it should have to endure stronger forces than the house's roof had to.

I supose that in many places, if a single house was the only with potable water and electricity, in a situation of chaos, the people would invade or even kill the owner to took the water and power.

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No,you don't sound like,nor are you an idiot for asking.It would be worse if you didn't ask.
I met a family in Kingman,Arizona which lived off the grid,on 12-VDC,and 120-VDC power.
They had a rather large,home-built 120-VDC wind generator which they used to charge a series-connected group of batteries.
Some of their lights and appliances were 12-VDC,and all the shop power tools had brush-type 120-V motors.
They were mentioned in the newspaper after a storm had knocked out the city's power,and this family's home was the only one 'lit up'.
If a photovoltaic array were located such that there couldn't be any stray shading,the series connecting wouldn't be a problem.
Converting a voltage from DC to AC would require some type of oscillator to produce the 50-or 60 Hertz necessary,and some sort of power conditioning to create a sine wave (motors need this especially).A square-wave and some synthesized sine-wave inverters will not produce an AC current of sufficient quality to run some ac motors.

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