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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Some economists appear to be at ease dismissing certain realities from their algorithms,output,and predictions,while real people are forced pay as a consequence of the economists negligence.
Economists may have a handle on 'price',but they have a track record of completely missing the boat on 'cost.'
As far as the environment is concerned,and policy,I'd leave it in the hands of the scientists.
We wouldn't be in the mess we're in if certain economists,had been locked away in a cage somewhere,where they couldn't hurt anyone.
Well if we are going to play the "true cost of fossil fuels power" game then here is something to consider.
About 40% of Americans live pay check to pay check or on fixed income.
So called "green energy" depending on the scope of use is going to at least double people's energy costs and has the potential to increase the price of everything substantially.
This will in turn lower these peoples standard of living. Now they have to fork out an extra $100 per month for their energy bills, which to these people is a lot of money.
So now they are forced to not eat as healthy, maybe they can't afford all their prescribed meds, now they can't afford to go to the dentist or Dr, can't afford to drive a safe modern car so they drive an old piece of junk, can't afford to heat their home during the winter, have to go with the cheaper health insurance plan or no plan at all.
These people aren't going to be helped by air that is ever so slightly cleaner.

So don't assume puting up solar panels is is going to be like waving a magic wond that is automatically going to make everyones lives better.
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