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Coaxing a 4L60E into Better FE

I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado with a 4L60E. Here's what I have found in order to get the TC locked up as early as possible.
- When shifted into 'D' first TC lockup occurs in 4th (top) gear at 80 km/h (50 mph)
- When shifted into '3' first TC lockup occurs in 3rd gear at 60 km/h (37 mph)
- Once the TC has locked it will stay locked as low as 67 km/h in 4th gear (when shifted into 'D') and 52 km/h when shifted into '3'; if speed drops below these thresholds, vehicle must be driven above 60 km/h in '3' or 80 km/h in 'D' in order for the TC to once again lock.
-Under light acceleration: 1-2 shift occurs at 20 km/h, 2-3 at 39 km/h, 3-4 at 58 km/h; once shifted into 4th gear, it will stay in 4th as low as 52 km/h.

What this all means is that if I want to drive at 70 km/h, the TC will never lock on its own unless I first shift into '3', wait a second for TC lockup, and then shift back into 'D'.

It also means that between 52-68 km/h I have a choice between 4th gear TC unlocked and 3rd gear TC locked. With 4th gear TC unlocked, engine RPM is slightly lower, but possibly at the expense of TC inefficiency. Since my ScanGage was stolen, I don't what is more efficient.

The results have been exceptional - FUEL LOG

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