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COB LEDs a breakthrough ???
Are you kidding me???

Ohh, humanity it's new whole thing after this new flashlight...

The worst think humanity did for LEDs wa to put it's name to TVs, like the TV screen pixels was made LEDs, but in reality was still the same old disgusting LCD panel, and LEDs a simple backlight. I would like to hang who had this idea. LED TVs.. all garbage like all LCD TVs, since both are just LCD, and LCD it's abominabler and disgusting.

One science breakthrough, not exactly but in the literal meaning of words, it's the use of tilapia fish skin to vagina reconstruction, leading to tissue regeneration along the fish-skin scafold, instead of the old skin grafts (using patient skin) in tunnel shape on traditional technic. Break through the channel...

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I still remember Sputnik.
Then lately, there's COB LEDs.

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