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Blackouts everywhere if a few people start charging such kind of vehicles at same time.

Man, I once tried a device that was for cleaning and desinfect using hight temperature of water vapor, and the electric need was so trong that melted the power plug on the wall.

I imagine the water plug and energy cable necessary for such power current to charge a battery so fast. One accident and it would vaporize the owner :

Try to imagine 1 minute for 700km range, and not 9 minutes for 150km range.

I really like to believe it was true, but everytime I saw some news with suposed breakthroughs, sounding too good to be true, in end up being a houx.
In medical treatments it's always that way, much talk in beginning and too much in the end. Everytime.

What about the sodium battery with many times more energy density than lithim? I bet it will end up in hoax too.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
9 minutes at 150 miles of range.
Probably about 38kwh worth of power.
Needs to charge at about 230kw.
That would require a 500 amp 480v connection, a 4,160v connection would more practical.
The battery should be at least 50kwh to take that much charge, 70kwh preferably or the bigger the better.
At fairly standard 400 volt pack voltage the pack would be taking 575 amps. Higher voltage packs would be better.

I'm not going to say it's impossible because those are very possible numbers.
My leaf can be charged at 48kw, that's enough to pick up 2 to 3 miles per minute and that's 2008 to 2009 technology.

I'm not a debunker I'm a critical realist.
Don't BS someone who has a degree on the subject, that's all I ask.

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