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you're now officially a Taurus Freak.
i perfer Toyotas. I've had a '85 corolla, and both an 85 and 86 Celica (consecutively) - you know, back when they had style. If i had one today I'd bath it daily with a diaper and drive only 15mph! god i miss those Celicas.

Pic will have to wait until the weekend. i have to dig up my digi cam. I'll get the vin in the morning (when there's more light) and jot it down for you in a pm.

BTW, did you see my 2 Tauruses are for trade? If you feel like a road trip let me know.

DOH!!!!! What am i thinking?
it's the 91 Taurus i'm wanting to mod, not my 95!!!
that day i was working a 15 hour shift. (i chat you guys while i'm at work)
Production 	1986–1991
Assembly 	Hapeville, Georgia
 	        Chicago, Illinois
Body style(s) 	4-door sedan  <---
             	5-door station wagon
Layout 	FF layout
Platform 	Ford D186 platform
Engine(s) 	2.5 L HSC I4
 	         3.0 L Vulcan V6  <----
 	         3.8 L Essex V6
 	         3.0 L SHO V6
Transmission(s) 	3-speed ATX automatic
                	4-speed AXOD automatic <--
                	4-speed AXOD-E automatic
                	5-speed MTX manual
                  	5-speed MTX-IV manual
Wheelbase 	106.0 in (2692.4 mm)
Length 	Sedan: 188.4 in (4785.4 mm)
Station wagon: 191.9 in (4874.3 mm)
Width 	70.8 in (1798.3 mm)
Height 	1986-88 Sedan: 54.3 in (1379 mm)
       	1989-1991 Sedan: 54.1 in (1374 mm)    <----
       	1986-88 Wagon: 55.1 in (1400 mm)
       	1989-1991 Wagon: 55.4 in (1407 mm)
Curb weight 	3050 lb (1383 kg)
Related 	Mercury Sable
         	Lincoln Continental
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