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CVT in 2018 CRV

I just bought a new "economical" 2018 Honda CRV 1.5L turbo that has a continuously variable transmission. This doesn't do well for hypermiling.
1. The transmission doesn't allow the engine to go to fuel cutoff (9999 on Scangage II) except for about 1 second. Then the CVT matches the output and the engine again gets fuel.
2. The engine can't be shut off if the car is moving above 1 mph. Can't even coast into the driveway. I have a keyless entry system.
3. Eco mode does work for my lead-footed wife. Her mpg has improved to close to EPA estimate.
4. I am able to coast in neutral, so engine-on pulse-n-glide can be done.
5. The Active Cruise Control (ACC) is very nice in heavy traffic for keeping my following distance under control. It is good in Eco mode because it allows for +5 to -5 mph from the setpoint when traffic permits. In normal mode it only allows about +2 to -2 mph.
6. The instant mpg readout really does help us keep economy in mind while driving. This is the first time we've had this.

I'm still learning about the CVT. I hope to improve. If you have any "simple" driving tips that will work with the CVT, please let me know about them.

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