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Cvts are for the city. They're not good for higher speeds, as they rob more power from the engine than an automatic transmission.
They're also not very flexible. You can manually operate them, but only like 5 or 6 gears. Not ten or twelve, or twenty. CVT has 'infinite' gear ratios, but you can't shift in them.

Manual is still the best for Hypermiling, and highway cruising, provided the final gear drive is well chosen (2-2.5k rpm at 80mph is unbeatable).
On my Subaru's CVT, when I put it in neutral, the engine automatically starts revving at 2-2.75k Rpm, and gas mileage is worse than coasting in gear.
It gets a meager 24MPGs, while my manual car gets 32.5. Both we're jamming the pedals to 100mph regularly.
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