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The only affordable way to charge is at home or by friends and familie. At work there is no way i can charge. In the city close by there are chargingunits. But the money they ask for every kWh kost more then ik use my diesel engine. And overhere diesel kost 1,40/liter.

I use around 0,5 liter every workday. That cost 0,70. Plus the 1,65 of electricity charging at home. Makes 2,35 for 55km.

Using the battery in the trunk: 1,65 for the car. And 0,5 electiricity makes 2,15 for 55km.

Using the expensive charge units. 0,60 starting and 0,40 for every kWh. And the unitbwil charge the car full. That will be around 6kWh = 3 and then i need to charge the car back full at home witch will be around 1 makes a total of 4 for 55km. And that is riduculus.

The current charger i have is the Telwin Pulse 50. It puts out 40A at the 12V.
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