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Here's a link to a pic:

Puch Maxi Magnum Stator Plate 12v

Neither delta nor wye - it's just a single core and winding - real basic stuff.

In the linked picture you can see the black ignition coil and the lighting coil on the opposite side with the black and yellow wire coming out.

Ok, so my understanding was that wire gauge affects voltage and number of turns affected current/power. But actually it's turns = voltage and what power and current are a factor of speed and magnetic force?

So I'll have 12v, less current but the same power output? Ok makes sense.

Stubby that makes sense - I've run the original coil up to full speed, voltage rose, but only from about 6v at idle to 6.8v at wot that threw me a bit thinking the 40year old magnets might be weak, but probably the puny charging system was already at it's limits running the lights?

Yeah, I've got a little regulator too, so I'll see how it goes.

Freebeard, I've thought of that, probably would end up with better lights than the route I'm going, but I need a headlight with a "discernable beam cutoff" for the yearly inspection, and I think led in a reflector bowl would be a fail too. Plus there's no "off the shelf" solution to running led's with unregulated/ unrectified ac (that I know of?)
I just need a "good enough" solution that passes muster with the inspection man's tick boxes.

After that I'll probably throw on a set of high power rechargeable bike lights for the headlight, and leave the stop/tail running off the generator.

Thanks guys.
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