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As I understand it, the pressure build up at the nose enhances air attachment on the latter half.

If the pressure is not built up at the bow, it may not cling in the aft sections, and then it becomes detached, and therefore causes turbulence - right?

Good questions.

I think this has been reviewed before, but I'm blurry on the answer - sorry that I cannot be more definitive.

Your influencing factors:

1. Speed

2. Angle of attack (cross winds and turns)

3. Deceleration including abrupt braking.

The optimum shape might be influenced by one of the above or all of the above, don't you think?

Also the center of mass could be a weighted factor....haha, but seriously.


I once posted on aircraft canopy shapes (blisters) after some images Aerohead posted. That thread may contain more information, look it up.
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