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To be clear, the real problem with global warming is the speed at which it is happening. The climate has always changed and always will, but adaptation is made difficult when it happens geologically quickly; which is to say in a few hundred years rather than thousands or millions.

It's difficult to feel like addressing global warming is a solvable problem, and one which is a big enough deal to devote extreme resources to. Since the earth has been warming for thousands of years now, the scientists talk in terms of delaying temperature rise. An example might be the Paris Climate Agreement. If all the nations adhered to that agreement, we would delay the temperature rise by something like 6 months (or other geologically short time period). So basically, if we do nothing than we just get the projected temperature increase 6 months earlier.

Basically, if we stopped emitting any man-made CO2 immediately, we are still projected to increase temperature a couple degrees C within some short timeframe.

While climate change will need to be considered, the problem of our day is transitioning away from fossil fuels as a primary energy source (Sendler's concern). Climate change will be the problem of my great grandchildren. That and designer babies, coupled with underpopulation. The population explosion will turn into a population contraction within my lifetime.

I wish I could take a short position on Social Security.
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