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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post

1. So the computer model source data is publicly available?
2. The antartic has not been gaining ice?
Which of the computer models have been correct?
If all these computer models were correct then why did the ipcc say that all the models were failing because they were over estimating the effect CO2 was having by double what it was.
Where is the death spiral we were promised?
Why isn't the plant warming faster?
That sure is a lot of blind faith for something that isn't a religion.

1. Yes, it is hard to find but I was able to use it to build a model of my own.
2. 2018 is a bit higher than average, 2017 was a bit below average. The arctic is a bit below average this year. Bottom of the page for the Antarctic.
There have been some that have been close but due to the nature of the beast it will never be 100% due to the use of proxy data which sometimes all we have.

I haven't seen the IPCC say that, can you provide the source?

The rest is because it has become too politicized and the regular claims are actually not supported by many of the core scientists who have been with it for decades now.

Edit: There is data showing that the thickness in much of the antarctic is decreasing even though the total coverage is remaining the same.
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