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Why we are pushing technology so much if people are dumb???

We will end up like a monkey driving George Jetson's flying car, metaphorically speaking.

Yesterday I saw in a Carrefour hypermarket here they finaly get OLED TVs for display. A OLED 50 inch in 4K. But the video demonstration clip was a 480p clip, while the TV screen was 2160p.
So I talked with some promoters there, and they told me that was the LG promoter who put that video and ordered that just that video should be displayed, and not any other. The other promoter had 4K videos, but the LG guy just wanted that 480p video to be displayed inh the 4K 50 inch OLED TV.

And the TV settings was entirely wrong, creating a lot of white clipping, and OLED should be less prone to white clipping than LED backlight/LCD TVs.
It's like hire a promoter to promote some coffee brand on markets, and he add salt and pepper instead of sugar.

After such dumb sh...t I lost all my faith in humanity.

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