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your story

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
I believe resource depletion, especially liquid fuel, will hurt us much harder and sooner than climate change. 3-5 more good years before the next great recession due to the immense debt bubble bursting. 20-30 more years of oscillating struggle as liquid fuel prices edge higher and higher out of sight. Until the great simplification irreversibly sets in. Undoubtedly unprepared. No one wants to hear my story and get ready. Too dissonant. Too much momentum in business as usual.
It pleases me to hear your story! We need everyone's input if we're to make the best-informed decisions.That is our founding father's mantra.
Rather than allow for anarchy and chaos,I suspect that people of the highest security clearance,will have a 'plan',to perpetuate the state,rather than let it dissolve into mayhem.
We may see the 'villains',receive levies and surcharges,which will underwrite their transition of disinvestment,paid for by their customers,who are complicit actors in this play.
We've ridden a carbon dioxide wave of 'progress' on the backs of these industrial titans,and they're obviously qualified to run major developments.With adequate market incentives I suspect that they'd be pleased to assist in an orderly transition.It's the timing which is critical,so say the climatologists.
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