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17 terraWatts

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
And food prices will triple. The price of every good will increase as to the price of energy. Liquid fuel intensive endeavors such as farming, trucking, mining, road construction and plowing will see price increases that track oil price. Triple. This is something that green advocates seem unable to understand. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground is not a matter of choice. 7.5 soon to be 9 Billion people worth of civilization is built on it's continued use. There is no replacement at this scale. 17 TeraWatts continuous average. Fossil fuel, particularly affordable oil, will leave us long before we are ready to leave it. And cause a big stair step down. The sooner we start to focus and take some steps down, the softer the landing.
The only thing I might mention,is that there are entire segments of US consumer capitalism that are superfluous,and under a 'wartime footing' would be rationed out of existence.The Pentagon would reason that the nation simply could not allow these market segments to exist.None of their products or services serve any real 'function' other than siphoning dollars from citizens.People obviously 'want' what they offer,but don't 'need' any of it.If Barbie and Ken don't like it they can leave the country.
We could feed and house these people while we figure out some sort of solution,but for them to continue at their 'jobs' would ultimately 'ruin' the country/world.
This 17-terraWatt 'demand' could be drastically reduced just like in WW-I and WW-II.
There's already a historical precedent for this sort of thing.
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