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How do you?

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
How do you taper off from 93 million barrels/ day of oil? Mostly liquid fuel. $100 Trillion currently in built out ice powered machinery needs to be replaced. Most farm and mining equipment will have to be corded since battery raw materials are not abundant enough to store what we are now using from liquid fuel. And all supplied with electricity instead of countless TWh worth of oil. So massive buildouts of wind and solar since nobody want nuclear. Full electrified rail needs to replace highway trucking for the same reason. When fuel gets more expensive, the big correction comes not from a complete lack of fuel, just from the growth based economy crashing due to being based on $50/ barrel oil and now having to pay $150.
If we would have started in 1972 we could have had time to gracefully taper off and electrify the transition. The current $275 Trillion in world debt has left us nothing more to work with. One by one countries are starting to default already. All of our fossil slaves are asking for a raise in ER/EI.
We are still building luxuries. This effort all needs to be immediately focused on 100 year solar panels and cross continent transmission lines. And a whole new way of distributing wealth needs to be found.
An add campaign could bring a grassroots awareness of the debt bubble and resource depletion to the masses in a very short time. I am doing the most that I can with my limited reach. I would really like to see us pull it off. But most people are not ready to hear this story.
It is no one's fault. It is just unfortunately something we had to live through the hard way. It's who we are.
With a congressional authorization,you can begin within 72-hours,as that's all it will take to bring every American on board.
It would be draconian and you might not like it,but you'd have to do it.There would be no alternative.We've been there before.
The industrial sector could be the last thing to be impacted.You'd start with consumer products and lifestyles.And everyone would feel patriotic about it.
Non-compliance would be out of the question.The penalty too great!
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