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trust us

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The church of man made global warming says "trust us our computer modeling is flawless" and here we are nearly 25 years later and every computer model I am aware of has failed.
They all said it was supposed to get warmer and warmer and that the rate of warming was supposed to increase, the ice was supposed to melt faster and faster, there would be less an less ice.
No one said anything about the ice loss slowing, reversing, this is supposed to be the death spiral and they should be saying "I told you so".
I have many of the actual,peer-reviewed research papers,published in SCIENCE and NATURE,by the actual researchers.
The first thing they write about in the preamble of each paper is what could be wrong with their science.
And in the conclusions,what they believe should be the next step in research.
I've never read where a scientist said 'trust us.' Scientists don't do that.
From their data emerge dots,which the perspicacious can connect into patterns,trends.Extrapolating the trend leads to concern.

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