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polar ice

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Go on YouTube and search "al gore" and you can watch him for hours talk about how the polar ice caps are going to melt by 2010 and flood the world.

So the computer model source data is publicly available?
The antartic has not been gaining ice?
Which of the computer models have been correct?
If all these computer models were correct then why did the ipcc say that all the models were failing because they were over estimating the effect CO2 was having by double what it was.
Where is the death spiral we were promised?
Why isn't the plant warming faster?
That sure is a lot of blind faith for something that isn't a religion.
The poles are melting.And technically,if we were to lose Greenland and Antarctica we'd be looking at 220-feet of seal-level rise.No one can predict if and when this might happen.So Gore gets a FAIL.
The Arctic is losing ice 'volume'.
Greenland is losing ice ;volume.'
Antarctica is losing ice 'volume'.
'Extent' is meaningless with respect to ice loss.
The IPCC reports are conservative,have caveats,and are under- reporting what is actually happening.
You see glimpses of the death spiral with heat deaths,flood victims,refugees,wild fire victims,tropical disease victims,tornado victims,hurricane victims,species loss,crop failures,drought,it just goes on and on.
Earth's average temperature will go up over a degree as soon as the coal-fired power plants are shuttered.It's their sulphate's albedo keeping a lid on some of the de facto warming.
Since around 1661,when 'fact' started to enter natural philosophy,modern science was born,and we've been perfecting, it in fits and starts ever since.
I doubt that you'd be alive today without it.You may not want to slam it too hard.
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