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Nine posts in eleven minutes? I'm starting to worry. I can add this comment before the edit tag times in.

I have many of the actual,peer-reviewed research papers,published in SCIENCE and NATURE,by the actual researchers.
Probably respectable, but there is a problem with bogus papers passing peer review in lesser journals (See the video below (first half)), as well as the Replicability Problem.

Originally Posted by All Darc
Now I know how all that political thing rapping started. Left used ecology to attack right wing captalism and rightr reacted and stated that ecology was bull sh...t.
Thanks for your perspective. All I got was 'obvious point is obvious'. Here's your reward: I'll name my own social-anarchism eutopia for you — under Creative Commons CC0 so you can use it, just don't claim it: Fremania.

Originally Posted by Sendler
It is a good, optimistic pep talk. But he has, like so many others, failed to grasp the scale of our total primary energy consumption and what it would take to replace it. 17 TeraWatts. Without major socio-economic change, we will come up short.
For me it's simply — the hippys were right.
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Here's a video that Youtube wanted me to see: Greenpeace Founder Debunks Climate Change! (Dr. Patrick Moore Uncut) | Louder With Crowder

Seems ontopic.

Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are.
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