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What type of lithium batteries? 18650 Lion? Lifepo4 ?

If 18650, charge them to 4.15v each, so 16.6v total.

For 10kw, thats 10,000w / 16.6a = 602 a/h

602ah / 8 hours = 75 amp charger. That's pretty serious. Charging also has to be CV, and cut off at when charging current = less than 3% charge current.

You also need to consider what the C (charge/discharge) rating of your cells are to see how much current they can handle when charging. If its 18650, and 10kw like you say, thats 602ah. Which if we assume your cells are 2500mah each for example, thats 240 cells in parallel. So you should be fine actually charging at 75 amps.

(Someone correct me if my maths is wrong)
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