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Hey Piotrsko,

Yeah, I had it totally wrong!

Funny enough, spinning faster is probably why tuned mopeds start blowing bulbs. Pushing higher rpm than stock raises the voltage too high. That's just clicked for me - thought it was added vibration or something.

The ignition coil is a sealed unit, so I'm not messing with that - hard to get a quality replacement nowadays, and I'm already in over my head with the electrics!

I would guess that it's full ac, rather than pulsed dc, as the magnets are thin/long and follow the curve of the rotor, but I don't have a scope or anything to verify that.

In terms of rectification, would I loose any output power? I'm sticking with regulated ac until I've got it through its final yearly inspection, after that it's considered a historical vehicle, so will be exempt. I'll have a little more freedom then and will probably look at going led.

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