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All plug in pickups (when they release)
Will be $60k+

I would argue that if you rebody a crashed
Volt, Prime, Bolt, Smart, iMiev, etc
Into a pickup Priuck style you probably are ahead of the $60k tag by a large margin

In my mind the least work would be a rear ended FWD Plug in with a rampage or el Camino back end.

Other option would be a FWD Diesel Rabbit truck or Kei truck with a simple RWD EV under the back end
That would result in 40mpg + EV
Remember that 5.7,6.2 and 4.3 GM Diesel can be rigged up as FWD as well opening up more possible platforms.

I guarantee whatever you setup will be smaller and lighter than the $60000 + OEM Trucks will be
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