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Originally Posted by Angel And The Wolf View Post
It is obvious that the profile is optimized for passing through air at a certain airspeed. If the airspeed is doubled, would the profile need to be stretched horizontally in the direction of travel to prevent laminar flow separation? If the profile were applied to a taller, or lower vehicle, would it need to be stretched, or shortened to maintain attachment?
The body's drag coefficient is constant between 20-mph and 250-mph.Above that,compressability effects begin to come into play as shockwave-dependent transonic flow begins to initiate.
The length of the body is a function of height and all proportions remain the same.(just as if you put it in a copy machine and enlarged or shrunk it)
You could 'stretch' the body simply by adding to the very center,and pay for the added skin friction,as limousines are done.
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